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This post will help you fully understand how search engines deliver your website to the search results, and how to properly optimise it, without the need to spend lots of money.

Step One >> What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a process used by all search consoles like Google, Bing etc. It is a system responsible for delivering the most accurate content to an end user, it captures your search query as a "keyword" and then searches its database for millions of websites to find the most revelent site for the search query.

To get your website on organic (free) search results, you will need to do a lot of optimization to ensure your website is ready for SEO. We will do this together, read through this entire blog first, and then give it a try!

Step Two >> Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is the first place you should start to ensure your website is SEO ready, the first thing you will need to do is create a account for Google to scan your website. See below:

  • Create a Google Search Console account

    • Click on "Start now"
    • Login / Create a Google account
  • Add your website
    • Once logged in, click "Add Property"
    • Submit your full domain name

Verify the domains authority

Once the website has been added as a property, it will then ask you to create a TXT record to verify that the website is your own. To do this, login to your Plesk panel (if we are your hosting provider) and create a TXT record from within your domains DNS Management Section. To do this, please see the below:

  • Login to Plesk - Tutorial
    • Navigate to "Hosting & DNS" >> DNS Settings
    • Click "Add Record"
    • Configure the record to the below:
    • Type: TXT
    • Domain name: blank (leave empty)
    • TTL: blank (use default)
    • TXT Record = the long string of text Google would have given you to verify the domain

Congratulations! You have now added your website to Googles search console!

Step Three >> Competition

With millions of websites on the internet ever expanding, it is hard to find a domain that is completely reverent, that is not already taken. If this happens to you, I would strongly recommend viewing our full list of offered TLD's to ensure your domain is the perfect match for your project.

Please note: This is just a first step! We will be more then happy to help you get your website to the top of the search results, just let us know!

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