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Uploading your files to your hosting package

Congratulations, you have just purchased a solid hosting package through us! Thats great! But how do you actually upload your content..? This guide will walk you through it step by step!

1 . Login to your Plesk control panel

  • If you are unsure how to do this, refer to our previous post here.

2 . Once logged in, simply click on "Files" from the menu on the left:


2 . From here, you should see your File Manager:


3 . You will have a number of options within this section, the one we are looking for is named "httpdocs". This is the folder that is used by the web server to present your content to a browser. So you may upload your content here!


4 . From here, simply drag and drop your content into this folder! For multiple files, we would recommend "zipping up" the complete folder into a .zip file, and uploading it. Once this has been done, you can then unzip it via the file manager!


5 . Congratulations! You have now uploaded content to your new hosting package!

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