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Choosing the perfect domain

Choosing the perfect domain

This guide will help you choose the perfect domain name. Choosing a name for your internet presence is a tricky task. If you do it properly, you can increase the overall SEO Optimisation of your website will just a few clicks as well as building a solid link for your traffic to use and more importantly, REMEMBER. This guide will walk you through how to pick the perfect domain name with 3 easy steps. If you are looking to make your site popular, this is the perfect read.

  • Step One >> Introduction

The right domain name can make or break a website, try to avoid registering extremely long domain names, keep it short and simple, but also unique to your project. If you were starting up a website and discover the domain is already registered, you can spice it up a little to draw in traffic.

There are many extensions (TLD's) you can use for domains. For example, could already be taken, but this does not mean that is not. People are more likely to remember a domain that is directly linked to a business with specific TLD's.

  • Step Two >> SEO Optimisation

The most important thing to think about when ordering a domain, is how to word it. On the internet, search engines like Google use robots to browse your website - this is also known as crawling. Once Google has all the information on your website, it can now start to map keywords to certain elements to get you on the search results. (You can learn all about SEO Optimisation in our other post) Because of this, try to register a domain with with a keyword to get noticed in the search results. For example, i am starting a website called Steves Photography. Within this website, i would have hundreds of words that link to photography, cameras and more, so take this into consideration when ordering a domain, try to include a keyword. However, DO NOT overdo this, having more then 1 keyword in a domain will negatively impact your chances of becoming big.

  • Step Three >> Competition

With millions of websites on the internet and ever expanding, it is hard to find a domain that is completely relevant, that is not already taken. If this happens to you, I would strongly recommend viewing our full list of offered TLD's to ensure your domain is the perfect match for your project.

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